4 Reasons Women Need More Saving

The ever increasing cost of living, and lifestyle go up, making it difficult to save women. Every end of the month, leaving only a savings account balance of several thousand dollars only. Often not bersisanya savings account is not caused by a lack of income, but mistakes in managing finances. Finally, they ignore the importance of saving, let alone there are husbands who become the main breadwinner in the family.

In fact, women are supposed to be saving more than men! Not just saving for a living, education, or family vacation, but also to save for retirement. Want to know why we should have more savings?

Live longer
On average, women live longer than men. So one day when our spouse has passed away, we had to undergo a longer retirement. That is, we have to finance our own lives (and the kids) longer. Therefore, even if your husband is still actively working and able to provide for your family, you should also have their own savings. Set aside at least 15 percent of your salary to the pension fund.

Greater cost of living
Never compare your living expenses and your husband, or your male counterparts? Who is more wasteful, or have greater spending? Salary is usually women who run faster, because all printilan spent on less important. When shopping at the market, most women desire to haggle. In the supermarket, women are willing to buy cheaper goods a few thousand dollars only. However, we are willing to pay dearly to finance our lifestyle. Do not believe? Tell me, how often do you buy clothes when there are sale program, coffee-coffee, buy a bag or shoes branded long we seek?

Women lower wages than men
It’s the fact that we still experienced in some companies. Then, how could save more if our salaries are on average less than men? The answer is simple: make extra income. You can reach it by looking for a side job, or build a small business. If you feel you have enough time for extra work, you inevitably have to work harder and ask for a raise equal to men.

When married, women also split attention in children. We may no longer shop for myself, but also for the husband and especially the kids. Women who cares to buy clothes, cooking healthy meals, buy packs of books or reading lesson video (the price is not cheap), or toy “smart” for the children. Thus, the greater the expense of women. By itself, they also need to save more in order to always satisfy various requirements.

As a role model for the kids
In many studies, it is often argued that the mother is a person who became a role model, because the kids will spend more time with mothers than fathers. Mother became a instrumental figure in the management of the family finances. Of the mother as well, the kids learn how to manage finances. According to Creditcards.com, about one in four young adults say that their mother had the biggest financial influence in their lives when growing up. Therefore, provide a good example to the kids about finances. Always scrimping and saving are some of the simplest examples.

A Need for Growing Businesses

These days almost every economic sector is connected to each other in direct or indirect ways. There is a web of connections where every business is interlinked with one another and supports the existence of the connected sector. We can take warehousing business for example. Warehouse provides storage as well as mobility to numerous kinds of businesses and this gives it an important place in the economic activities. Various kinds of products are kept in a warehouse and moved from there to their desired locations. This storage and mobility sometimes require weight lifting, when some heavy items are needed to be moved from one location to another. This transportation can be limited to the premises of warehouse only or it may require loading of that heavy item into a truck or container. In any case, it is not easy for a human to lift tons of weight. For this task forklifts are used in various businesses. Continue Reading »

Hows and Do'nts of Structuring a Business Note for Sale

Every year thousands of business notes, which is a promissory note, are created when a seller of a business takes back some of the financing of the business sale. Another name for this is ‘Seller Financing’ of a business sale. The majority of business notes are associated with the sale of a small business (i.e. A business whose annual revenues are less than $1M and usually have less than 10 employees).

A business owner who is selling their business usually would like to walk completely away from the business they have owned/managed for a number of years. However, when a buyer is having a problem with arranging financing of the business purchase through a combination of cash down and bank financing, the business owner/seller is faced with taking on some of financing themselves to complete the business sale.

Since the business owner/seller did not seek to create financing of the business sale themselves, they do not like to face having to receive a large number of payments of principal and interest over an extended period of time (i.e. 5 to 10 yrs.) until the principal amount of the loan is repaid. The business note that is created can be sold in the open market, but it must be structured in such a manner that an investor would choose to purchase it.

In order to structure your business note to make it attractive to an investor to purchase, follow these guidelines:

1. Do not create a business note whose repayment period is longer than 60 months. If the cash flow cannot support a repayment of principal and interest over 60 months, a balloon payment must be created to complete the payoff of the business note.

2. Always identify the interest rate in the note and do not change the rate over the length of the business note.

3. Always have the business note personally guaranteed by the buyer of the business. If a corporation is the buyer, then the majority stockholders need to personally guarantee the repayment of the seller financed amount if corporate assets are not sufficient to act as collateral.

4. ‘Due on Sale’ clause needs to be stated in the business note. This means that if the business is sold in the future, the payor on the business note must pay off the business note prior to the ownership change.

Incorporating the aforementioned areas into your business note will enhance its ability to be sold to an interested buyer.

Ron Nelson is founder and current President/CEO of GNF Group, LLC. GNF Group offers consulting to business owners on how to structure a business note for sale. Also, there are parameters to review outside of the structure of a business note that will influence whether a buyer will make an offer to purchase the business note. Contact GNF Group for more information. GNF Group will also facilitate the sale of a business note by promoting it to interested buyers.


Cost of living is more expensive single?

Despite the rise in the cost of living is getting higher and marriage preparation, still being single turned out to be spending a lot of money, according to a report from The Atlantic Monthly magazine. Not aware, if you are still singles today, must have felt that the higher cost of living each year.

The article also told how single women in America could spend nearly $ 1 million over a lifetime to fulfill their own lives. In an article entitled “The High Price of Being Single in America”, the author Lisa Arnold and Christina Campbell argue, in addition to being able to rely on income from the spouse, unmarried women also have to spend extra funds for purposes such as health care and rental houses.

There are many examples of the cost of living must be borne alone when we are single, but can be shared with a partner when we got married. When your lodger, the cost may not be too high. But growing your age, you want more privacy so the options are contracting, even buying a house. Mortgage would be noticeably higher when you have to bear it alone.

From the health side, you also have to bear all the cost of replacement medications or other health care itself. Even if your office provide a refund or bear the cost of health, sometimes the ceiling is not worth the cost you have to spend. When you get married, there is the possibility of using the husband’s insurance office with a ceiling or quota is more varied. Thus, you can complement each other.

In other countries, being single is also costly. By using the average benchmark of the Bureau of Labor Statistics Amerka, Huffington Post calculated that being single in your 20s will cost around 9,964 U.S. dollars only for the cost of housing, while those who already paired “only” spend up to 8,844 dollars.

Which requires huge cost not only the cost of living, which can be predicted by the single, but also cost lifestyle. The single should spend more money to pay for vacations, meals, and even buy clothes to make it look more attractive.

“When I was single, I spend a lot of money for personal use in order to become more attractive. Now, we (he and partner) to be more careful in spending money, and use it for better usability,” said Farnaz Shahri, a young woman who newly married.

For single men, the huge cost incurred in part to pay for his boyfriend’s date or a date. Maybe even an extra cost of having to deliver gasoline to go anywhere. If already married, the young couple will usually split all the expenses equally.

There is a difference between spending among those who are single and married, but all it actually depends on how you manage your finances well. Many well anyway, the single is more closely manage their finances. Do not forget, when you get married and have children, well … that’s where you start spending like crazy uphill.

“It’s not just the higher my expenses, but also need more savings to secure the future of children. Makes me have no control over the costs, and need greater support to protect my family,” said Wendy McKibben Spies, the American designer based in Natchitoches, Louisiana.

How do you spending when married also be influenced by your personality type in terms of money. If you marry a frugal guy, you will be more careful in spending money. Meanwhile, if you are married to a man who likes to wasteful or “buy” lifestyle, your finances will be severely affected.

Are you single or married, the important fact is determine your financial goals. Then, you need to design a financial plan that will help you achieve it. Thus, even if you are not married (or vice versa), your finances become more secure.

Facing the Global Economic Crisis

The economic disaster that started in 2008 has developed into a global economic crisis. The negative effect on trade and investment is by now being experienced in a number of economies that focuses on export. The double threat s of growing protectionism and the dehydration of economic trade also appear on the horizon.

The continuing financial decline has made bigger development support for trade-led improvement more pertinent than ever to alleviate these negative impacts for the global economy, mostly least develop countries. Support for trade, in the form of building recent infrastructure and capability for trade-led development, is very important for future recuperation and to set up the global economy for long-standing progress and structural modification.

There are a number of imposing approaches to attempt and address the global economic crisis, for instance the UN Millennium Development Goals, however these are not only supercilious standards and under intimidation from the effects of the economic crisis (which would diminish existing funds for the goals), but they only aspire to divide poverty in two and other issues. Whereas this of course is better than nothing, it indicates that many wealthy nations have not had the political will to move further and aspire for more motivated targets, but are eager to find far more to keep their own banks, for example.

It may be that this time around, a more essential set of procedures needs to be well thought-out, probably global in scale. The very center of the global economic system is something a lot of countries are now turning their attention to. A global economic crisis is now not probable but highly likely, and many smart people are putting in place things to help them survive when the storm comes.

Overnight Payday Loans- Solve any adverse financial conditions

With simple search online, you may come across with lots of financial plans available online. It is so much easy and convenient for you to avail for loans and gained urgent cash in the form of Overnight Payday Loans. Such sort of payday loan is heavily offered along with attractive loan quotes to grab the attention of many borrowers. So, whenever you like to borrow urgent cash then you should prefer to check out online for the attractive loan quotes so as to save money. Taking of loan is so convenient as compared with the conventional mode of availing loan.

To be eligible to avail for Overnight Payday Loans, you will have to obey few terms and conditions that include- you must be a genuine citizen of US. You should have attained above 18 years of age. You should have permanent job for more than 5 months. And you should have a valid checking account in US. The online lending companies are asking you to meet these criteria at the time of taking loan. As per your financial needs, you can borrow instant loan amount from lenders without facing any difficulty.

With the provision of Overnight Payday Loans, you are allowed to acquire quick sum of money in the range of $100 to $1500 bucks along with short-term loan repayment tenure of 2 to 4 weeks. Thus, it is a small and short-term loan designed to help many loan-seekers in US. Today, millions of customers are seeking overnight payday loans to meet their financial needs. You can use the sanctioned loan amount to manage all kinds of pending bills such as medical bills, telephone bills, wedding expenses, travel expenses, and other utilities. It is small and useful cash advance designed to help needy people who want instant money.

On the other hand, Overnight Payday Loans are broadly classified into 2 types that include- secured loan and unsecured loan. If you have no collateral or property and you want to take these loans then you can select unsecured form of loan. Apart from this, it is easy to avail such loan without undergoing the process of credit checks. It is ideal financial aid designed to help bad credit people who are in need of urgent cash. To know more details about loan quotes related to such sort of small loan, you will have to check out online. So, never miss out to take this loan now!

Understanding Asset Finance Leasing

Running a business in a smooth track is not easy if it is not powered by money. Very often money tends to be the determinant factor in upholding and fostering the success of business. The same goes when you want to buy any machinery or equipment for your business. Because of unavailability of sufficient money, you may not want to buy any equipment for business directly from your company’s fund. In such cases asset finance leasing could assist you.

With the help of asset finance leasing, you can access your desired product without purchasing it. In this way you can say asset finance leasing helps a company to own any asset without investing money for it from their own fund.

Asset finance leasing can be best accessed if applied through World Wide Web. It is the platform to reach to unlimited leasing companies of your choice. Just go to any search engine and type your desired question. Within a minute pause, you can get familiar with several leasing companies, who offer asset finance leasing service. By getting in to their respective sites, you can compare their offers with one another and in this way you can find a suitable source of your choice.

You can access asset finance leasing in to two types namely direct leasing and sale and lease back. In direct lease, what you have to do is to select the asset you want and ask a leasing company to purchase it. Now, under sale and lease back, you sell an asset to any leasing company which is already owned by you. The leasing company will then leases it back to you. In both of these two cases, a leasing company itself owns the assets and you are required to return the asset to the leasing company.

Winning Real Estate Business Card Designs

Business cards are a number one priority in the real estate market. The competition among realtors is massive and to stand out in front of the pack a realtor needs to stand out in every respect, so it behooves them to have the best marketing materials possible that will not detract in any respect from their service offering. An attractive design with a targeted message to your prospect will separate a professional from an amateur every time.

Choose Between Templates Or Custom Design Work
Many people choose a template already designed by a printer. On a startup or limited budget this is a choice that is simple, easy, but not necessarily going to lend you any extra mojo to your sales presentation. To take a step in front of the rest who choose the template route you should have a design customized to your business.

Sounds expensive? It does not have to be if your printer does regular real estate printing work. Customization also shows extra time and effort put into your presentation. A well thought out and good presentation is how real estate is sold to the prospect in person, in the presentation folder, and when you first meet them with your business card, right? Given the right approach, anything is possible. A design that the prospect is going to remember before all the others gets you a step in front of everyone else.

Selecting A Printer For Quality And Price
Type in the words “business cards” to your favorite search engine and you will be presented with a list of internet printers many of whom will offer free or ridiculously cheap business cards. They can offer these low prices because the print materials being used are of adequate quality for a vanilla business card and they are not providing industry specific design experience. This type of card works well for someone who is not targeting an affluent customer base or is otherwise not heavily focused on relationship selling.

Affluent clients will pick up on a mass produced generic template versus a card designed and customized for your specific business. It’s even more true if your are selling products and services to small business owners who are often involved in their own business marketing material creation as opposed to a larger corporate client.

Select the Business Card Paper
Premium card stocks, 14PT or greater, feel quite different than a thinner card. With the treatments available they are exceptional platforms to make a great first impression. With the cost difference between a 16PT card stock and 10PT card stock as low as it is, there is no reason to risk scaring off a perceptive affluent buyer. Relationship selling works best with the best marketing materials.

To remain professional find yourself a printer and designer that offers experience in your industry. A good quality printer will have a design staff for customization needs as well as a number to contact for advice on design issues. You should intend to grab your client’s attention entice them to reference your card, and lock it into memory. It will take a certain amount of time and effort to complete a card design that does that.

Ask the Relationship Manager you work with their opinion on the design. Ask for some alternatives. Be prepared to listen to their advice even if you don’t agree with it. You’re the customer, they will likely do what you want. Keep the parts that make sense to you.

The alternative is going to a website, select a generic design, upload your logo and contact info. Your paper quality choices will be slim. You should expect just a basic business card.

Build Your Brand In The Customer’s Mind
The image you portray on the real estate business cards is the image that the client will carry and what they will remember you and your services by. It will determine if they recommend you to their friends and business partners. If you present a card that looks sloppy, quick and pre-done, they will draw a different conclusion than if you present a laser focused graphic design for your target customer with compelling selling (branding) phrases you will reinforce when you speak with them.

Maximize the creation of your brand. A business card is the first step to achieving the image you want to maintain for a lifetime of successful business sales.

Patrick Cannon is the CEO of BusinessCardGenius.com, an internet printer that provides branded marketing collateral solutions for sales professionals that need the absolute best marketing materials. Focused on the real estate business card [http://businesscardgenius.com] market, BusinessCardGenius.com provides business card graphic design [http://businesscardgenius.com] with Free Delivery and Easy Online ordering.

The life of a Salary, How to trick?

You decide to stop working because they want to concentrate on caring for children. You do not want to lose the moment when the child is doing its achievements, from one step to another. A noble decision that not all women dare to do it.

The problem now, stopped working means your little family now rely on one income alone, the husband’s income. This fact and the husband forces you to ask yourself honestly: Can you reduce spending and bring down your lifestyle for this?

For those of you who already have a side business, or a husband whose income is more than enough, would not be a problem. What about the families who still rely on employees’ salaries?

Sure you can live a new life is as long as you do the planning and the willingness to make choices.

1. Talk to your husband
Before you decide to stop working, of course you should discuss it with her husband. A sense of belonging can be a conflict specific income families who rely on one source of income. Husband or wife who has the money to spend it would feel more entitled.

“Be sure to convey all aspects of this decision that an agreement is comfortable and beneficial to all parties,” said Judy Lawrence, a financial consultant in Albuquerque, NM, who is also the author of The Budget Kit: The Common Cents Money Management Workbook.

2. Map your requirements carefully
Do not make any decisions before making a detailed budget to meet the needs of the family. According to Lawrence, soon after realizing his duty, spouses can see a list of current needs and determine what should be reduced. Eg, subscribe to two magazines a month or cutting all your credit cards to avoid the desire to shop.

“When developing a budget for day-to-day life, you also need to include the extra expense for insurance or sudden expenses,” suggests Ben Gilbert, a financial planner for Silver Oak Advisory Group in Portland, Oregon. Prioritize the needs which should come first, then re-evaluate spending still like telephone bill, internet bill, or pay-TV.

3. Reduce spending a great routine
Only reduce your buying habits premium coffee at the coffee shop will not be able to make up for the loss of one income. Cut your expenses for the care home, car, or other monthly needs will be leaving room in your budget. It is not easy indeed. Therefore, you should carefully look at what expenses can be reduced.

Car wash, for example, no need to bring it to the snow wash. Husband can wash it yourself at home. To reduce the cost of gasoline, you can use a more efficient means of transportation, such as trains or TransJakarta. You can also take advantage of what is there to supplement their income. When there are empty rooms in the house, for example, you can rent it for boarding.

4. Goodbye lifestyle
When you and your husband both work, would not you run a lifestyle based on two incomes? That felt better if each of you have friends, and each one has a need to socialize. Of course, there is an extra expense for that. “When you resign from the company, do not expect to have all these luxuries,” suggested Gilbert. Unless, of course, husband’s salary is able to accommodate all of these requirements.

“You can discuss it with your friends and say that now you can not often eat at a restaurant or doing activities together because choosing to live more economically,” he said.

5. Do not reduce too much
You do have to downsize, but do not get caught eliminate long-term savings. According to Gilbert, retirement savings was not directly seen so many couples are compelled to cut it.

The same goes for other needs. You may be determined to cook yourself with a main dish of vegetables. If this is not something you like, you will eventually get bored and decide to snack outside again. Fulfill your needs sufficiently. Conversely, when eating out was a way to expand the network, it could not hurt you cut other spending first.

6. Improve ways to save
Even though you’ve decided to stop working, does not mean you can not earn money in other ways. In fact, if you could open a small business, then you can use the income from the business for savings, investment, venture capital used, and so forth.

“Many people who use the income to various obligations, such as mortgage, transportation, or meals everyday,” said Lois backon, Senior Vice President of Families and Work Institute. Then, they use the other income for other things.

7. Perform trial
You can do exercises to manage the day-to-day needs of only one income. Do this before you decide resign to see how you and your husband were able to save.

Gilbert suggested to set the automatic transfer of funds in the bank to withdraw a certain amount so that part of your income will be reduced for a few months. Then, also set aside some of the money for other purposes, such as saving or on vacation.

“Now this, to indulge in an instant, plus there is a push from the media for consumptive life, the ability to save and adjust lifestyle (simpler) is especially significant than you realize,” said Lawrence.

Personal Loans are Here to Fulfill Your Personal Desires

UK finance market at present is very vast offering infinite number of loan options. Borrowers take loan for different purpose. One of the loans that will help you fulfill your personal needs is the “Personal Loan”.

A Personal Loan is a loan that is lent to an individual by financial institutions such as bank, building society or other financial service provider for a specific personal reason. There are two main types of personal loan – secured loans and unsecured loans.

A secured loan is any loan that requires the borrower to provide the lender with some form of security such as your property. Keep in mind that when you take a secured loan your home or the property is at risk if you fail to make payments on your mortgage or other loan secured on it.

Unsecured loans are without any collateral or security and are based entirely on the character and capacity of the borrower to repay

Personal loans [http://www.easyfinance4u.com/secured_personal_loan.html] offers you to borrow an agreed sum of money for an agreed period of time. The interest rate charged on the loan can be either fixed or variable. A personal loan with a fixed rate has the fixed interest rate set throughout the life of your loan, which means you have the reassurance of knowing your monthly payments will not go up or down. A loan with a variable rate has an interest rate that fluctuates with the market change.

Personal loan offers various loan options matching the expectations of different people. The key issues you should consider while choosing which Personal loan to take out are: –

– Borrowing limits – You can generally get a personal loan in the range of £1,000 to £75,000, it solely depends on how much do you need.
– Loan terms – The loan term may vary from 5 to 25 years depending on the type of loan taken

– Providers – Banks, building societies and, increasingly, supermarket chains offer personal loans at competitive rates. Avoid loans from small firms that you have never heard of – this is a lightly regulated area and some of these loans can carry high interest rates coupled with heavy redemption penalties should you decide to move your loan to a cheaper firm.

– Interest – Rate of interest depends on the duration for which the loan is taken. Generally there is, negative relationship between the rate of interest and duration for which the loan is taken.

– Credit checks – Lender wants to make sure that it is not risky to give you loan and you do not have bad debts history. To do this they will check your entry on credit registers. A poor credit record won’t necessarily prevent you from getting a loan, but you will probably have to pay a higher rate of interest. You can know your credit score from the credit reporting agencies.

Now you can search for lenders online by browsing through various websites and can collect quotes offered by them. You can make comparison among the various available options and can choose the one that you find appropriate.

The greatest strength of personal loans is their flexibility. You can use personal loans to buy a car, for debt consolidation, finance your child’s education, renovate the house, or take a vacation. The options provided by Personal Loan are unlimited even beyond your imagination. you just need to search for the best one.